i'm 5'3 & a half, i wanna dance with 'chu. i'm sophisticated & funnnnnn. best believe i'm numero ONE! -har har har joking. i can't get jiggy with it for life. like seriously LOL i can't dance, but i love watching people dance. but more than that my world revolves around music. it's in my blood. i breathe, eat, sleep to it. every fiber of my being loves it. it's to the core of my soul. i sing to feel the adrenaline rush to my brains & stimulate my heart to beat like it never did before. this is the way to live.

i believe there's someone always bigger & better than you ;D so stay humble & accept constructive criticism.

sweetmouth; you describe the illness & i'll prescribe the cure. i shine to make you smile... shine to make you live a brighter day. no sugar coating, i ain't your suga mama. i'm just your average jane living a non average life. mediocre of it all & master of none. livin' it up & prasin' it up.

if you need me here's how you contact me twitter.com/sweetmouthlove :) & if you're interested TEE HEE youtube.com/mouthsweet much LOVE.

p.s. the name's ca`roline. but they like to call me 'ROLINE... or ROLI or... CAROLINAYYY. TEE HEES C: